Wednesday, 30 July 2014

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Cupcakes soooo Delicious that you'll be left with a 'YUM' .Cupcakes soooo Pretty that you'll want to buy 1 and share with None.Cupcakes soooo Good that you'll be left SPEEDKARTING.

Who doesn't like Sweets ,and when you get something like Cupcake's at your doorsteps !!YUM YUM!!



Just tell us when you want and how much you want.
Small CUPCAKES @ Rs.25
Big CUPCAKES    @ Rs.45

2 Rules of our cupcake Business.
Rule 1:-Our Cupcakes are so good,We Guarantee that you'll forget all other cupcakes that you have ever had.
Rule 2 :-If you think we are wrong ,Try Rule 1 again.

Just Whatsapp us on +91 9066 809 354

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