Wednesday, 30 July 2014

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Speedkart Was started as an online/offline based grocery store with an aim to provide Home Delivery of Home needs at Discounted Rates.SpeedKart Brings to you the simplest mode of online ordering,i.e., Whatsapp to order.This is the First of its kind in the Entire of india.

Speedkart Was Co-founded on 16th June 2014 by Ajay Bothra and Rishav Dubey,who are currently Pursuing B.Com(Hons) at Christ university.

Why Speedkart?
Every had a cost of shopping analysis?                                                  TIME IS MONEY
Average Shopper shopping time         = 1-2 hrs
Average Shopper Commute cost        = Rs.50-70
Max. Discount on lets say Rs.300 of  =  10%
                                      Shopping                     Rs.30
Total Cost Benefit analysis                     = -30
You have ended up spending Rs.30 more just to get you home necessities and also you have wasted you precious time .

We value your time and also your money .
So start Speedkarting Today .
JUST WHATSAPP US A 'HI' ON +91 9066 809 354


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